viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Guide of Prehistoric party!

Hello penguins!
The Prehistoric Party starts yesterday, and CPRockz have a complete guide of this party to you! Happy.1. How about starts the guide? 

When you login on CP, you can see other environment. I give 1 image to you:
On any room, you found a catalog located on right down corner:
On this catalog, contains items for everyone and single members! You can see the image here:
One of principal things to do is search the dinosaur eggs. You are ready for this? I yes Happy.1.
You can gets the eggs playing the new game, DinoDig! This game have one similarity whit Treasure hunt.
On my case, I found an 1 egg on the first play. Let's see what dinosaur is?
It's a red PTERANODON! You clic on the egg and go to the right down corner and give click on the word "Transform"Happy.1 (You need to have a membership to use this action)
When you get all eggs you can get an free item! The that a tyrannosaurus hoodie!
You can give one ROAR to the Prehistoric penguins! 
Bye penguins, This guide thee served help to you? Say to me on 1 comment! Happy.1
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jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Welcome to Club Penguin Rockz!

Hello there!
On this day, 17th, January of year 2013. I, Plop2008 and Universobig make this blog with the mission replaced CentroXD (Our spanish blog, click here to go) Your welcome to this blog! Our CPRockz blog  it's a new CP English Guides!
Which are well!
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